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Updated: Nov 12, 2023


Greetings and Blessings,

I wanted to send a word of encouragement to you today on the subject of light and shade. My focus for this blog is to encourage you to think about how you impact others around you when you provide both aspects. Another purpose for this writing is to dismantle negative implications that are often associated with shade vs. light. By the end of this blog I hope you will consider practicing a balance of both features.

When we think about these two elements, one usually has a more positive affect on our initial psyche than the other. Did you guess which one? Most will say the light of course; however the shade tree has a great deal of significance as well. The shade tree helps to keep us from the damage the sun could cause if we are in it too long. Light of course helps us to see our way clearly.

Shade: a relative to darkness and breeziness caused by shelter from direct sunlight. The first thing a lot of people think of when they hear the word “shade” is the term “throwing shade”. You know those comments hurled at you that are unpleasant? Well that is what is considered as dimming your light by tossing shade. I want to flip the script and help you think of yourself as a shade tree that brings words of wisdom, wealth and healing to those you encounter. Our words have power. The power of the tongue as biblically referenced can speak life or death which is speaking of promoting or destroying someone’s reputation with mere words. Throwing shade doesn’t help anyone; however words of comfort will bring life and liberty to all.

Psalm 121:5 [NLT] says “The LORD himself watches over you! The LORD stands beside you as your protective shade.” What a true blessing and favor for God to protect and shield us from dangerous things and even people. He is our shade and keeps watch over us night and day.

So then the shade tree is a type of protection and comfort from the harsh elements. Now I want you to ask yourself are you drawn to or motivated to console, uplift or encourage someone in need? As a believer we have a responsibility to be our brother’s keeper. In other words you just might be the one that family or friends depend on for support in a time of devastating news.

Be that shade tree they can run too by consoling them in times of need. When rain and life’s oppositions are pouring down on them and the winds are blowing let them know they have a safe place to regroup from the storms. A lot of times we only use shade when we absolutely need it. There might be people in your life that seem to only reach out when trouble comes. Don’t feel bad if you are called upon when someone is in a crisis. Remember to exercise grace towards others and God will bless you abundantly.

Light: to provide brightness or lighting; illumination. The light within us provides guidance to those trying to find their way to Christ. I love to say “Keep Shining Bright” to my children, friends and family. We are the Light of the world as the good book says in Matthew 5:14 which is clearly a testament of how we should represent in the earth for our Father which is in Heaven. There is something innately unique about you that others will benefit from if you only “BE YOURSELF”. I am certain there is no one on the planet quite like you even if you have a twin. God made each of us spectacular and gave us all something to give back to the world as he shines within us.

The world is watching to see if Gods chosen ones are any different in the way we show kindness, empathy and compassion for others. Your light is illuminating and everyday we make choices that will impact believers and non-believers.


Are you able to provide a light to those in darkness or extend a covering to someone in need the same way a shade tree does when we require it most? Some of you may remember how God caused a leaf to grow quickly for the prophet Jonah and it provided shade in order to protect him from being scorched by the sun. Shade has a purpose. Reference Jonah 4:6.

Here are some ways to practice letting your light shine.


· [ Time volunteer or make donations to those in need]

· [Talent use your gifts to serve others]

· [ Treasure financial support to any organization]

Let me know if this blessed you by leaving a comment if you so desire. Also you may share this post and your prayer request. Remember to view my Blog Style page on my website to see my other full Blog posts.

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