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Updated: Nov 12, 2023


Greetings and Blessings,

I wanted to send a word of encouragement to you today.

Have you ever been around someone that is constantly telling you everything that didn’t go right about their day? Yet they are healthy, working full-time, have transportation, food, clothing, shelter, a supportive family and the list goes on. Something inside of you is probably saying shhesshh can you just be grateful sometimes for a change.

First I want to say that I believe being thankful is a heart posture. Sort of like having an “Attitude of Gratitude” Our heart is the central channel that leads to our emotions. The heart and thoughts are connected in a way that will produce positive or negative reflection.

Think about this question “does gratefulness come from happiness or does happiness come from gratefulness?” A lot of people think that being happy makes you grateful. I don’t necessarily agree because being happy can be tied to ones possessions. Things make a lot of people happy; however they often want more and fail to be grateful. In turn they neglect to appreciate what they have already acquired.

In my opinion being grateful produces happiness. There are many examples of those that don’t have much, however they are grateful for what they have and demonstrate appreciation. This makes them happier than the person constantly trying to attain more stuff.

Being grateful will set you up for greater blessings. Some of us have seen children that have so much, yet they have a selfish attitude and sometimes won’t even say thank you. Needless to say as a parent we are not so quick to keep giving them more when they do not show gratitude for what they have.

I believe it is the same in the spirit atmosphere when we don’t have a heart of gratefulness for what God has already done it can pause our next blessing. When you allow your heart to give thanks in all things good and bad, it will release an open door for greater blessings to flow.

An attitude of gratitude doesn’t mean everything in your life is perfect. It simply means that you are grateful and able to find appreciation even beyond complicated circumstances. Some will have to press into thankfulness and push past the painful experiences from your past.

The last couple of years have been very difficult for America and abroad. Navigating through trouble waters can be complex especially if you have dealt with loss in any way. During this pandemic many have suffered loss; however some have found new ways to be successful and are enjoying benefits they were not aware of before the crisis. That is something to be thankful for and recognize your blessings.

How do you know you are blessed? Take a look out of your window at the birds and remember how God meets their needs everyday. If God cares about that part of his creation, he certainly cares for you? Reference Matthew chapter 6 verse 26

Tips to help you keep an “Attitude of Gratitude.”

· Life doesn’t always go the way we plan; remember we are still given new mercies each day. Therefore we should be thankful for being alive by showing an attitude of gratitude.

· I may not have all of the things I want, but I am still blessed. I recognize that just having stuff does not make one thankful. I am grateful to have food, clothing & the necessary things I need.

· Be thankful for what God has already done. This will produce an open door to receive your promises.

Being thankful allows you to grow & trust the process you’re going through with a positive approach. Positive energy attracts positive results. An attitude of gratitude can actually change your circumstances because you are being optimistic [vs] pessimistic.

I challenge you to journal or share with your family one thing you are grateful for everyday this week. Let this become a new habit for you and teach your children how to have an attitude of gratitude.

I'm Grateful For:

1. Health, my children, grandson, and support from family.

2. The angels watching over my family last night.

3. The Lord continuing to make ways for me everyday.

Celebrate this moment and make joyful memories. Be grateful for what you have right now and God will add more and more.

Let me know if this blessed you by leaving a comment if you so desire. Also you may share this post and your prayer request. Remember to view my Blog Style page on my website to see my other full Blog posts.

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