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Updated: Nov 12, 2023


Greetings and Blessings,

I wanted to send a word of encouragement to you today and say

your true purpose involves your soul’s mission and why you are here on Planet Earth. Have you ever felt like life was passing you

by as you watch other people live out their dreams?

Let me just ease your mind because you are not alone.

Finding your purpose is going to require work and self-reflection on your part. I think our PURPOSE is a part of the Heavenly assignment we have here on earth. It involves digging deeper than the surface part of you. You know that comfortable part of you that seemingly has it all too together. Finding Purpose ultimately will personify matters of the heart as you practice inward meditation. I believe when you finally figure out your purpose it will demonstrate in some way, shape or form your call to serve. When a person’s heart goes out to those in need or a particular cause, 9 times out of ten it involves their soul’s mission.

Has anyone given you a compliment lately saying “You are really good at… fill in the blankFinding Purpose will help you live a more meaningful life. As a purpose coach I like to inspire my clients to reach their goals and pursue their divine purpose.

Tip: Answer these 3 questions to help you begin to discover finding and living with purpose.

1. What skills and talents do you already have that could be cultivated and used to empower someone else?

2. What are your passions? Things or events that motivate, inspire and get you excited whenever you participate?

3. What can you give or do to make you feel like you’re making a difference? Particularly something that moves you with compassion towards a particular cause or group.

Keep an open heart and mind and pay attention to those things that move you with empathy. Do your own framework as you self-reflect. Listen to what others are saying about you. These are just a few steps to begin the process of you finding your true purpose and living a more meaningful life. Don’t just let life pass you by; find your True Purpose and Soul’s Mission

Let me know if this blessed you by leaving a comment if you so desire. Also you may share this post and your prayer request. Remember to view my Blog Style page on my website to see my other full Blog posts.

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