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Updated: Nov 12, 2023


Greetings and Blessings,

Thinking back to my childhood I remember trying to impress my teacher and classmates. I would do things I was good at to gain special recognition and to stand out from the other kids. Maybe you can relate to this or a time when you wanted to make a good first impression. This could also involve getting a dream job, beginning of a new relationship or times you wanted to influence your friends, family or peers.

The question comes to mind should we impress or make an impact on someone and which one is better? In my view they both have a significant role in society. We have to figure out where the balance is by taking into consideration when to make an impact or if the occasion calls for impressing someone which may lead to transformation.

I encourage you to impress to impact those you meet. How do we do this? Start by inspiring others in ways that cause them to want to serve their community. Also they will learn to make better choices for themselves by the example you are setting before them. Sometimes you have to impress someone in order to gain their favor, and then you can make an impact that motivates them to modify their behavior.

What does Impress mean? To affect or influence (someone) strongly and often favorably, positively, kindly making an impression or to be impressive.

Do you remember when someone told you “1st impressions are the most lasting” or “You only have one chance to make a 1st impression?.

For example you may go into a job interview and make a great 1st impression. The next candidate that is interviewed might be more appealing to the agency. This happens quite often which leads me to believe impressing is good, but may not be enough in competitive circumstances. It’s okay to impress people; however once you leave they may forget everything you said or did.

It’s rewarding when you can impress to impact your friends or colleagues in ways that inspire them to be better advocates for equality. We all learn from one another so when they see you reaching your goals, and achieving your dreams it helps them to be driven as well. They may even say to you “you are very impressive I am trying to get to where you are”

So then what is Impact?: to have a strong effect, outcome, conclusion or ending producing results that effect someone or something.

Impact involves character and learning how to assist people. This will demonstrate results that convert a person’s conduct. Don’t just live to impress, live to Impact by demonstrating exemplary deeds.

How do we start to make an impact on someone’s life? There are so many ways to impact a person’s life and change the very trajectory they were migrating too. Showing kindness, doing deeds of service, helping the poor, giving to the needy, spreading love not dissension, being an example to our relatives & peers, etc… any of these acts of service can impact someone’s life in such away that they will want to be the change society needs.

When we focus on making an impact on others it demonstrates that we care more about modeling good character than merely gaining recognition or attention. Impacting a persons life helps to bring a necessary transformation in their circumstances.

A motivational speaker has a way of impressing their audience which causes an impact towards growth and needful change. I call this influence to impress and impact to produce a more favorable outcome.

Sometimes we become discouraged when we don’t get a lot of likes on social media thinking we are not being heard or seen. In actuality there are many people that have viewed your post and it has prompted them to make necessary changes in their lives. Don’t get caught up in impressing them with copy cat type messages, gear yourself towards making an impact by being authentic.

There is an old saying “Charity begins at home and then it spreads out to others.” This is based on the scripture in 1st Timothy chapter 5 verse 8 which references that anyone that does not provide for their household first is compared to not having faith. If you don’t know where to start to Impress to Impact, begin in your own home.

It’s necessary to influence, impress to impact your children and significant other in ways that will inspire healthier relationships and promote bonding.

Families that spend quality time with their children and spouse are making a lasting impact. This will create foundations of strength and cause them to become tight knit.

Tips: 6 Ways To Impress to Impact

God put us here to make an impact that will actually help someone change for the better. Start with family and expand from there.

Remember making an impression on someone is subject to fade away into a vague thought; however it is needful because it serves a purpose to motivate & encourage them causing an impact.

If you’re able to impress to impact someone you will help them discover things inside of them that will improve their well being and also be of service to humanity.

You may start out impressing people on social media; however it may lead to an impact that produces development. I encourage you to use your social media and any other platform you have to be a source of inspiration, motivation & light to the world.

Next time you meet a new acquaintance, or you’re with those you care about ask yourself “am I doing something that will inspire, uplift and encourage?” If the answer is yes than you will impress to impact someone.

Let me know if this blessed you by leaving a comment or a by liking my blog post if you so desire. Also you may share this post and your prayer request. Remember to view my Blog Style page on my website to see my other full Blog posts.

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