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Updated: Nov 12, 2023


Greetings and Blessings,

I wanted to send a word of encouragement to you today. When God opens a door you will know it is him because nothing will be forced in the process. My dear mother God rest her soul would always say “It’s Like The Pieces Of A Puzzle They All Fall Into Place” God has multiple doors he is going to open for those that TRUST & OBEY him.

When we pray and ask God to open doors, we need to remember he has our BEST interest at HEART. There may be things you are asking but they haven’t come to fruition yet. This is because God is working behind the scenes to prepare you and those connected to that door. Let patients have her perfect work and when the door opens you will not want for anything.

One thing I have requested from our Heavenly Father is “I don’t want any doors opening that are not your PERFECT will for my life” Doors are gateways to success and God will open and shut them as it pleases him. Like many of you I am a dreamer. A few months ago I dreamed that I was walking through multiple doors. As I walked through one door, I would close the other door behind me. I think it is important to seek the meaning of a dream. Open doors in dreams have numerous meanings including biblical references. Doors are also associated with heaven as the scripture says Jesus Christ is the Door in John chapter 10. Also doors mean options, opportunities, moving forward from the past and things you yearn for in your life as new beginnings.

I am still seeking God for the full manifestation and waiting patently for him to guide me to which door is right for me. If you truly trust God and want him to lead and direct your path, just stay in POSITIVE PRAYER with EXPECTATIONS that our Creator knows exactly when to open a door and close any doors containing schemes or scams sent by the enemy.

Don’t get frustrated because doors are closing. Instead of complaining begin to give thanks to the Lord that he is protecting you from harmful plots the adversary has devised against you. Doors are connected to jobs, relationships, business partners, spiritual gifts, financial success and more. Are you confident that God has a plan for your life? If so learn to rest in him and have FAITH that everything is WORKING FOR YOUR GOOD.

Tip: Revelation chapter 3 verse 8 [NLT]

“I know all the things you do, and I have opened a door for you that no one can close. You have little strength, yet you obeyed my word and did not deny me.”

Let me know if this blessed you by leaving a comment if you so desire. Also you may share this post and your prayer request. Remember to view my Blog Style page on my website to see my other full Blog posts.

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