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Updated: Nov 12, 2023


Greetings and Blessings,

I wanted to send a word of encouragement to you today and say don’t be afraid of stepping into unknown territory. We keep hearing the words “The New Normal” Changes are taking place around us on a daily basis. How we navigate will determine our new normal.

Some shifts that are happening we can manage; others are out of our control. There are situations that occur unexpectedly and subsequently may be a part of the rest of our lives.

What’s your new normal? What are you readjusting too?

Just getting married, dealing with the loss of a love one, unemployed looking for a job, starting over after a breakup, home schooling children, dedicating more time to our creator, single life and dating, working in a changed environment, caring for a family member, embarking on entrepreneurship, online business owner, discover a new trade or learning to accept change?

It can be intimidating not knowing what the future holds for

us. I encourage you not to allow fear to be the final factor

in how you move forward.

What To Expect:

There are several pros in this new normal that I would

like to use as a focal point.

People are rediscovering gifts and talents they were not using and it is becoming a new normal for them. Some are able to market their ideas, crafts and services to supplement their income.

Working from home has some nice benefits like saving money on gas, preventing wear and tear on your vehicle, not having to figure out clothes to wear, able to skip doing hair and makeup, and being able to relax in the comfort of your home.

Children are getting more attention and loving it. Parents are embracing patients they didn’t know they possessed. It’s working for our good.

Hundreds of people are more engaged in online Christian Services which is a blessing. Prior to this some may not have been able to attend church in person for whatever reason. Now it is convenient and just a click away to hear an empowering word from the Lord. It is very effective when we connect with others and listen to weekly bible study messages.

A lot has happened that will forever change some of our lives. We will get through it with prayer and support from those who are truly concerned about our well being.


I believe the new normal protocols if followed for our beaches, restaurants, air plane procedures, schools, movie theaters, jobs, parks and sports venues will continue to preserve lives.

We must be aware and embrace the proper guidelines we are given. I would be remiss to say continue business as usual. Nothing is the same around us. Every time we leave the house we have a new normal process to follow.

Working together and having a caring heart for all humanity will benefit our new normal.

Let me know if this blessed you and share your prayer request if you so desire.

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